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Sonja - Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

Sonja has been a dental assistant since 2002 and joined our practice in 2004. In addition to her excellent clinical skills as an assistant, she is a great communicator. Parents and children appreciate her helpfulness in explaining dental procedures and her insight for daily application of hygiene techniques which were discussed at the visit.


Her contagious enthusiasm draws even the most apprehensive child to her. She has a tremendous amount of patience and an engaging demeanor. "We have a great team! We all want our kids to love being here as much as we do". She is definitely committed to making sure they do – whether it involves singing a song or dancing the latest dance craze with them – she makes sure they have a reason to smile. "I love to sing and dance. Getting the children to play along is the best part – you can just watch their apprehension melt away as they get comfortable enough to engage with you."


When Sonja is not at the office, she enjoys traveling with friends and family. She is always on the go and always knows the best SmartPhone available!

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