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Routine Preventative Care

Routine preventative check-ups are recommended every 6 months for children three years of age and older.

Services provided at check-up visits include a cleaning, oral hygiene instruction​, fluoride varnish, radiographs, and an exam by the Dentist.

When, and if, radiographs (x-rays) are indicated, parents are informed and consent is obtained prior to taking them. Our office uses digital x-ray machines, lead aprons, and thyroid collars to minimize any unnecessary exposure.

Special Needs, Young Patients, and Behavior Management

Management of Dental Decay

Nitrous Oxide & Sedation Dentistry

Our practice offers nitrous oxide and sedation options when needs indicate. We are also on-staff credentialed for outpatient hospital services.

If decay is observed during a routine visit, the Doctor will discuss treatment recommendations with you based on your child's specific presentation, age, and needs.

When dental decay needs to be eliminated our first goal is to treat in office with nitrous oxide.  This conservative approach is optimal for many but not all patients. For children who have excessive decay, high levels of anxiety, previous negative dental experiences, or medical or behavioral issues which prohibit them from cooperating, sedation may be indicated.  In such cases our office can discuss the appropriate option for your child - whether it be nitrous oxide, light sedation, or intravenous (IV) sedation (which is provided by a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist.)

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